It’s in our DNA

For all of us at Kinetic Studios, sports, health and fitness are in our DNA. The very definition of kinetic is “relating to or resulting from motion”. We love being healthy, energetic, active individuals, and want to share that energy with as many others in as wide a context as we can. World class action and sport photography is a great way to do that.

We have worked at the very top of the sporting world, photographing Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth, and European Champions. We have delivered images to national press and sports organisations. We have shared in the cheers of British medallists at major championships. And we have seen how the great achievements of the few have inspired the many.

Enablers & Energisers

We truly believe that a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone to a successful life. Plenty of exercise, quality sleep, and good nutrition are the enablers of our ambitions and the energisers of all of our lives. With these solid foundations in place we can feel ten feet tall and bulletproof. Without them we are 3 feet tall and made of jelly.

Our Mission

A key goal of our business is to promote health and wellbeing and encourage positive lifestyle choices through inspirational sport photography. We love working with sports brands, athletes, nutrition companies, yoga and fitness studios, and anyone who puts their all into being the best that they can be, while helping the rest of the world to do the same.

The Tie That Binds

At Kinetic Studios our business covers a wide range of photography genres and markets. But these widely varying activities are tied together by the glue that is heath, fitness, and wellbeing. So our School Prospectus photography showcases stunning action shots of young athletes in full flight. Our Product Photography includes high-end carbon bicycle wheels, elite running shoes, and road race helmets. We create beautiful natural Portrait Photography of supple and serene yogis and yoginis. Our Event Photography team have been privileged to see ordinary people achieve extraordinary things in grassroots local events. And our Commercial Photography combines all of the above to deliver your brand’s values to your discerning clients.

If you have any questions on our packages and prices then please feel free to get in touch.