We understand the huge effort involved in organising and managing your event. Armies of volunteers, security staff, course marshalls, parking attendants, road closures, risk assessments, the list goes on. Of course event photography is an important part of your event; for the competitor experience, and increasingly for the social media benefit.

Integrated Service

We understand that you need slick delivery of images with minimal additional burden on your busy team. Our event photography team offer a fully integrated service, which can be delivered in a range of formats to suit your business. And our sales platform can be easily integrated into your official event website, giving a seamless user experience, while requiring no additional work from your team to administer.

Quick Turnaround

We have the capability to capture, upload, and rapidly deliver tens of thousands of images, maximising the value added to your event’s brand. We can provide images to your event participants as direct sale consumer products, or free of charge, billed to your business and offered to your participants as a value added product.

It would be great to discuss your event, so we can understand the numbers of participants, your specific event logistics, and how we can best integrate into your event.

Option 1: Free to Event Participants

We can cover your event and charge you a fee as the event organizer. Most event organisers usually compensate this with a small uplift on the ticket price so that your profit margin remains unchanged. The fee we charge is based primarily on the logistics of your event, which dictates how many photographers are needed etc.

Option 2: Direct Sale to Event Participants

Alternatively we can offer to cover your event for free, and sell images directly to your competitors. This costs nothing to the event organizer

If you have any questions on our packages and prices then please feel free to get in touch.