Client Case Study – Pretty Kit Branding Shoot

photo studio shot of girl footballer flying across cityscape

Client Case Study – Pretty Kit Branding Shoot

In this blog we talk about a shoot at our photo studio. We created strong, brand defining imagery for a start-up clothing brand. Certainly this challenges creativity and technical ability. However the results can be fantastic. For example the Pretty Kit brief included a football player flying across a cityscape. And a trick shot expert showing off her ball handling skills. On the edge of a tall building!

The Client

Pretty Kit is a UK based start-up with an exciting product range. The brand was born out of grass roots involvement in girls football. Founder Richard is a dad. And coaches his daughters football team. But poorly fitting kit sometimes affected the girls. Or it was uncomfortable. Or it wasn’t pretty! Consequently there are innovative features in the Pretty Kit range. For example female specific fit. Also brightly patterned colour schemes. Not to mention leggings with shin pad inserts.

The Shoot

Most importantly, the images showcase Pretty Kit’s great designs. Hero shots showcase the brand’s aspirational ideals. But budget was strict. So we captured all the images in one tightly packed day in our photo studio. Above all this maximised value for the client’s marketing budget.

Trampolines and Crash Matts in the Photo Studio

Next, we got creative. In other words, the girls bounced on trampolines and threw themselves onto crash matts! After that, they headed and volleyed footballs. It was FUN! Most importantly we captured everything against a green screen backdrop. But after the shoot, the real work began in Photoshop.

Compositing the Images

We matched the lighting direction, quality, and intensity of the photo studio shots to the backplate images. Which helps make a seamless and believable composite. Next we matched the colour grading between the two images. In addition we did some detailed Photoshop retouching to blend the images. And finally we created shadows to tie the images together.

photo studio image of girl footballer player on edge of building
Keepy-ups on the edge of a skyscraper? Play safe…

“Having you on board has been so valuable. You understand our brand and what we’re trying to achieve. You’re really part of the Pretty Kit story now!”

Richard Wood, Founder


Producing great images can be costly. And budget for photography is often a challenge with a start-up business. There are prototypes to design and manufacture. An ecommerce website to build. And marketing campaigns to fund. These are all fighting for money that the business hasn’t even earned yet.

In addition to this, time was critical on this shoot. All post production had to be completed in time to coincide with the launch of the Womens World Cup. Which was only days away.

Using the actual football team as models ensured authenticity. As footballers they certainly had the ball handling skills. And with just a little direction they aced the day as models too

Delivering an Ambitious Brief

In summary, green screen technology and compositing eliminated the cost of shooting on location. So an ambitious brief could be delivered on a start-up budget. Compositing does drive time and cost into the post production process. However the time and cost of getting models to different locations (and on top of buildings!) was prohibitive. In short, shooting for composite made the impossible possible.

Today these images are live on Pretty Kit’s website, and are used in their branding and marketing collateral.

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Client: Pretty Kit

Art Direction: Richard Wood

Photography: John Ord

Models: Names on application only

Shot at Kinetic Studios in the English Cotswolds

Created with Canon equipment and Bowens lighting

Processed in Capture One Pro

Composited in Adobe Photoshop with Adobe Stock backplates