Client Case Study – Accenture

Client Case Study – Accenture

How would you organise corporate photography of nearly 200 members of staff of a global professional services company? You have just a few short slots in the otherwise packed schedule of a quarterly staff meeting. Timescales are challenging. Access to staff members is limited. Not to mention shooting spaces are restricted.

The Client

Accenture is a global professional services company. They provide a broad range of services in strategy and consulting, interactive, technology and operations. Consequently they have digital capabilities across all of these services.

Tech and digital may feature heavily. But Accenture is a business where the real value is in the people. Consulting is a business built on expertise and trust. And each Consultant’s corporate photography needs to communicate these qualities.

A great headshot needs to communicate personality and character

Primarily, these profile photos will be used on the company website. In addition, most of the Consultants at Accenture are active on LinkedIn. So the images will also likely be used as profile images on this social platform.

The Shoot

This shoot took place at the Honorary Artillery Company in Central London, not far from Old Street tube station. Our team on the day consisted of two photographers plus one admin.

Firstly, having an admin helps to manage the paperwork. Secondly they help to ensure that the day flows smoothly. Having this extra resource also means that the photographers can concentrate on their interaction with their clients. As a result they are not distracted and worrying about checking badges or ticking names off lists.

We arrived at the venue in plenty of time. Next we introduced ourselves to the event welcome team. Integrating with event staff is critical for a job like this. It just makes the day run so much more easily.

We unpacked and set up our shooting area with two complete portrait studios. The event coordinators helped us by announcing the corporate photography sessions prior to each break, which really helped with the flow on the day.

Chopping in the Breaks and Getting in the Groove

No it isn’t a description of a new genre of techno house music.

On this job, we were not the main event. We were providing a valuable service. But the main event was the company’s quarterly team meeting, which was taking place in the large conference room next door.

So we had to be super organised. We had to be ready to chop into the scheduled breaks. And when the breaks came, we had to be ready to shoot and get straight into our groove.

Once the staff had returned to their team meeting for the next session, we had some admin time. So we checked our lists. Then downloaded and reviewed the images. Next we started the down select process. We checked we were on schedule, and felt comfortably ahead of the curve.

And that was the pattern for the rest of the day. Bursts of busy portrait sessions punctuated by quiet time to get on top of the admin. We were organised ahead of the day. We had integrated with the event staff. And the day flowed nicely.

Wrapping up

As the final session came to a close, we announced a last opportunity for anyone who’d missed the chance to have their corporate headshot done earlier in the day. With those last few boxes ticked, we wrapped up the shoot and packed up our kit. During the shoot we had saved the images on two memory cards. Finally we backed up everything up onto an SSD. And we were ready to head back to the studio.

“I’m very happy! It has gone really well today”

Olivia Ige, Event Organiser, Accenture

Post Production and Delivery

Once back at our photo studio, we start on the post production tasks. We image carefully inspect each image. We saturate colours and tweak exposure. Each shot is looking it’s very best. Then we remove minor blemishes. At this stage, additional crops can be created so that images are suitable for the various social media platforms. We deliver the set of images to the client via an online password protected gallery. They can download images in colour and black & white. We also set up high res and low res options, suitable for print and social media respectively.

These images are now in use with Accenture, and we’ve been pleased to see them used on many staff profiles across social media platforms.

Like to find out more? Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. You may need a team of corporate photographers for a large business event. Or a single headshot for your personal or professional use. Either way get in touch and we’d love to help entire creative team, just a space to shoot, or anything in between, we’d love to hear from you.

Client: Accenture

Photography: John Ord / Dan Barker

Admin: Jana Schulze

Shot on location at the Honorary Artillery Company in Central London

Created with Canon equipment and Bowens lighting

Processed in Capture One Pro

Post Production in Capture One Pro and Adobe Photoshop